Been Busy, Busy...

and my house really shows how busy I've been. I've been too busy to do much vacuuming and mopping.

< in my best Scarlett O' Hara voice> Oh fiddle dee dee, I'll worry about that tomorrow.  

One project I've been working on is designing and making a piece of jewelry. I wanted to contribute to the items being offered at a silent auction next week to benefit the Juvenile Court & Community Schools (JCCS) Scholarship Foundation, known as Dollars for Scholars. 

So, I got out my jewelry making equipment, beads, findings, a hot cup of tea and got busy making a necklace and earrings. I love working with beads, I love the feel, colors and textures of the beads; to me they are very calming and soothing. 



After playing around with beads and colors for a while, I chose these handmade wooden beads, vintage glass beads and copper spacers and clasp. 

Then I got busy stringing them...

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A Photo a Week for 52 Weeks

I started participating in Project 52. MCP Actions started it to give the hobby and/or professional photographer a little nudge, a challenge, and some inspiration should we be in a little rut.

Quoted from her site: "MCP Project 52 – It’s a way to encourage creativity, make photography fun, and provide a challenge without actual pressure. Participants will sharing their art work and images weekly while inspiring each other."

Feel free to jump into and join the fun anytime you like, I started  this week. There is a suggested theme if you want to shoot with that in mind, but not necessary, shoot and share what ever you want. 

Last week's theme was to be something around the house. This week's theme is "Illustrate a song"

I was really fortunate that the morning mist rolled in for a short time and I got some great photos. 

Remember the song Misty? and that creepy movie "Play Misty for Me'



I submitted this one and 


This morning I made some chocolate candy filled with a cardamom-orange ganache. 


So I submitted this for the song Candy Man. 


The photos submitted must be taken each week, no older photos. I'm looking forward to seeing how creative I can be/or not. 

And that's that



Newest member of our family

I'd like you to meet the newest member of our family. 




Do you love those eyebrows or what. He is so stinkin' cute.

The brown markings go down just the front of his front and hind legs, all the rest of him is black. 

A co-worker had to find him a new home because her daughter is terribly allergic to dogs. I feel sorry for her but happy for me ;-)


He's a Chihuahua and poodle mix.  It took a couple of days but he and the resident, reigning cat are doing just fine...most of the time. ;-)


Starting Vacation Mode

I got my vacation mode going on today. My vacation doesn't officially start until tomorrow but I didn't want to waste any vacation time getting into the groove, so I didn't do anything I didn't want to do today.

I played around on a web site where you can make collages, it's free and easy peasy.

Lemon collage.jpg 

There are several templates to choose from and you are able to manipulate the photos.

Then I...

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