Oh Those Crazy College Kids

and I'm one of them. That's one reason I haven't posted in a while, I'm trying to develop and keep good study habits. 

I'm taking English Composition to hopefully improve my writing skills, and I'm also taking Introduction to Web Design and Development. I'm learning to speak HTML and CSS. Pretty soon I'll be able to make some cool changes to my blog. One of the classes is on campus at my local community college and the other is online. 

I've still been taking pictures as I'm cooking, but haven't had the time to filter through them and create a post, hopefully I'll have one up in a few days. Next week is spring break so I'll have a little more time to dink around. NO! I'm not going to go party my spring break away with the other "college kids." Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt, besides I still have to work so I'll be working instead. 

Today I have some raw cashews soaking so I can make some cashew cream later. I hear it can be whipped too, we'll see. I'll share my results with you. 

See you soon

And that's that


Snowfall in Lake Morena, CA.

These are far and few between that's why we make such a big deal of them. Schools in the area are closed and I'm sitting in my nice warm house watching even more snow fall. Love days like this. 



I hope succulents like snow




Scooter obviously loves the snow. He took off running all around the yard as if the dog catcher was after him. That's him making his second running pass under the tree, in his very stylish sweater. 

Now, off to get a hot cup of coffee

And that's that



Everyday Tools

I'm participating in a photo exercise put out by Paint The Moon Photography.  NO, I'm not in any way affiliated with them, nor do they know I even exist. The weekly themes and rules are on their blog

The theme last week was to take photos using "white space" or the second alternative "everyday tools."

My kitchen counter this morning hit me as the perfect picture for everyday tools. 

This was the second sink full of dishes that got washed last night but these did not get put away. Putting my feet up and having a nice drink was more important to me at the time. :-)



Everyday Tools

I don't know what this weeks ideas are but I'm looking forward to the challenge. 

Also, MCP Actions has a photography exercise going also. It's called Project 12 with a monthly theme. Again, I'm in NO way associated with them, nor do they know I even exist.

For the month of January the theme is "resolution" this is pretty challenging and I'm not quite sure yet what I'll submit, but I'm confident I'll come up with something. 

I will be adding links to both of these web sites on my blog. They both have been very generous with their free photoshop actions and photography tips and tricks, I think it would be a nice thing to do to show appreciation. 

And tha'ts that


Clementine Candle

Have you made yours yet? I think I first heard about this on the food group RFC on Facebook. 



Here's the link to the process 

Get your Clementines, aka Cuties and some olive oil. It's a lot of fun and they are so cute all aglow at night. 

What I did different was to cut the clementine in half before seperating the peel from the flesh. Also, on the wick end, when you turn the peel away from the flesh, I was much more successfull and ended up with longer wicks if I removed the flesh, section, by section, rather than pulling the peel away from the flesh. 

I've eaten a lot of Cuties lately.


Just a few odds and ends photos

During our 10 hour power outage we were fortunately hooked up to a generator and I was able to use my computer. I took it as an opportunity to filter through some old photos, so here's a few I thought I'd share with you. 

No particular reason, or order, just a few cute photos. This is part of the animal edition. ;-)




Scooter and Smoky on guard




Smoky likes peas, she eats the tender innards then spits out the tougher shell




Isn't that the cutest pig snout you've ever seen

Yes, I did get down and dirty to get this shot, but I just love that snout. 




I took this right after CA passed the no texting while driving law.

Nothing says you can't text and ride though. 


And that's that


Scooter's in trouble...again

In the early morning and at dusk we have rabbits come visit us. Scooter *loves* chasing rabbits, and he's fast, really fast.

To get away from Scooter, the rabbits squeeze through the pig wire fence that runs down one side of our fenced 3 acres, and successfully escape onto the the adjoining 36 unfenced wild acres. 

Before you know it, Scooter is on the other side of the fence happily chasing rabbits and picking up every sticker imaginable, I mean an infestation of stickers and weeds. I've walked the fence several times looking for the spot he's getting through, and try as I may, I can't find it.

My biggest worry though, is that a wild animal or a rattlesnake will get him. He's not a very big guy, he weighs only 12 pounds and doesn't even come up to my knees.

Did I mention he's my precious baby. 

Last Saturday morning, not seeing any rabbits, I let Scooter out to do his business, before I even had my first cup of coffee, he was off chasing rabbits and ended up on the other side of the fence.

Sleepily I go out to get him and I have to climb halfway over the wire fence (in my mismatched p.j's and my favorite and only pair of Crocs, that by the way, are taking on all matter of sand, dirt and pebbles,) to pick up his sticker ridden self. 



So he was on restriction. His only view of the world that morning was from a stool by the front door. 

Then I got the brilliant idea! the next rabbit I see come on the property, I'd let him out to chase it then I'd find where he's getting out. 

Yeah right

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Happy Dance, Happy Dance

I'm doing the happy dance. I finally broke down and bought my dream camera bag. The one I've been lusting after for months. 

I'm not going to tell you how much money I've already spent, (more than this bag costs) on purses that I've tried to convert into camera bags; trust me, it just doesn't work. 



It looks like a cute purse but...


it's a totally great camera bag. 

It's a much darker color than it photographs. It's a dark,very dark eggplant. 

The front envelope pockets are large enough for a wallet, cell phone, keys etc..and there is a zipper compartment in the back. 

I'm very impressed with the high quality, attention to detail and workmanship of the bag. 

I got it on line from Kelly Moore Bags. I have no association with them what so ever. The only thing they know about me is that my check was good. ;-)

K I'm done bragging now