Birthday Shenanigans

Last week was my birthday. My sister is good about making sure we have a birthday celebration for the birthday people. We do one party for all of the birthday people for that month. We have very few months we don't have a birthday party. 

Birthday cake 

St. Robert bakes a cake for each birthday person. Some months he bakes four, but this month he only had to bake two.

One for me and one for...

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A lot going on

It's been a busy couple of weeks. We still are moving some things in, I know, get-with-it-already. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you want look at it, we don't have a time limit in which to vacate our previous residence so we are moving at our leisure.
That's a good thing because last Thursday my sister Margie and I flew up to Seattle to see our extremely sick sister Fran. She's in the hospital with Lymphoma large cell B, she's in a pretty advanced stage and we weren't sure what we would be facing when we got there. Our primary goal was to be a support to her family, (husband and 3 grown children) to give them a little break and take our turns staying with her in the hospital. She didn't know we were there, but we did. She's responding well to treatment and of course we are praying and hopeful for a remission.
We got a chance to visit with Don our brother in law and our two nieces and nephew. That was so nice as it's been a while since we've seen them. We feel a little guilty that we had such a good time on our trip but Fran wouldn't want it any other way. I've been chastising myself for not visiting them more often.
Margie and I stayed at a nice little Inn, The Inn at Virginia Mason close to the hospital.


Come see what we ate.

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Easter Day

We went to my sister Margie's for Easter. We had a great time. I was supposed to go to Erika's but couldn't make it. I took my laptop and we all had a webcam visit so I got to see them anyway. Erika and Annie haven't seen each other in a long time and Erika hasn't seen the baby yet so the webcam visit was ideal. 

I put together a few collages of the day. I am truly blessed. 

We hung out for a while snacking and visiting.

Easter hangin out copy 

St. Robert made the best split pea soup and the ham. The table as usual looked fabulous.

Easter beginning copy 

The food was delicious. We had a special treat, Pattie's grandmother is visiting from Mexico City and sent a couple of wonderful dishes along with Pattie and John for our dinner. One I'll try and replicate here soon.

Easter meal copy 

A good time was had by all.

The Turtle isn't naked anymore

While we were out and about Saturday we went to The Turtle for a snack. It used to be called The Naked Turtle but it has since been changed to just, The Turtle.  It's a fun beach bar and right on the river with lots of boat activity. There was a big hubbub going on on the river when we arrived so we ran through the deep sand with sandles on, arrughhh in time to miss the landing of the Red Bull seaplane. I think the hubbub was more about the "Red Bull girls" (no photos included :) than the seaplane. It was pretty cool to see.

Red bull planed landed 

The day was perfect, not too hot, just beautiful. 

Wanna see some spring break cuties we saw hanging out on a boat.

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Packing to head for Arizona

This time tomorrow I'll be in AZ with daughter, SIL and grandsons. Yippiee!!!!!!

Right now, you can't come visit me because I have no where for you to sit. I not only have to pack myself but packing for Matilda is like packing for a kid. Dog food, leashes, yes she has more than one leash; she be stylin' y'know, toys etc...

I also keep a tote bag set aside for Erika. In between visits I throw in some odds and ends things I want to take the next time I go visit.
Not only is the couch full of stacks of things to be packed, but after I did a load of laundry the tops I don't want in the dryer are hanging all over the place.


That ledge on the slide out comes in mighty handy.

I don't think Stan will be sad to see me go. ;-)

I'm hoping the desert will be in as full bloom as the reports have been. I'm planning on making a lot of stops along the way to take pictures.

Thanksgiving feast

This year was another special Thanksgiving. It's been two years that my 7 yr old Grandson has survived and thrived after open heart surgery. It's also been one year that St. Robert has lived with his new transplanted lung. We have a new baby in the family, a new fiancée, job changes, both for the better, cancer survivors, and a family that's loved and supported us through it all.

Thanksgiving '08 table 

I made the salad, the cranberry sauce and the goat cheese dip that got demolished before I had a chance to get a photo of it.

More Thanksgiving day photos.

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