Girls Road Trip Part Five, El Fin

We left Taos Monday morning. After we kicked Kristen to the curb in Santa Fe <she flew out from there> we got on our way to Winslow AZ and couldn't wait to get to the La Posada and The Turquoise Room. I hope you click the link and read about this wonderful historic site and the art work. 

It's sooo nice to go on vacation, but even nicer to come home. 

 I want to show you some cool things I bought on the trip. I got a couple of tchotchkes for the house. 



This is a kitchen angel made from dried corn husks. She resides prominently on my refrigerator door. 



This is made from dried corn husks also and adorned with dried corn, chilis and dried flowers. 

Not sure where I'm going to put this one yet. I bought both of these at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market. 


At the Spanish Table in Santa Fe I bought;


my favorite rice for paella, an asador, smoky bacon-chipotle salt and some szechwan peppercorns. 

An asador is a clay Spanish sausage or linguica "cooker" Here's how it works. 

These instructions are snagged from The Spanish Table's web site

"Fill with a high spirited alcohol, place your favorite linguica or spanish chorizo on the cross bars, light with a match. After the bottom side begins to crisp, turn once and finish cooking on the other side. Remove to a cutting board or plate, slice into bite size pieces and serve with toothpicks and a nice tall beer. Approximately 11 inches long by 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall.

Asadores are kiln fired at 2000° and are brittle when new. They should be soaked in water for six hours prior to use for the first time. They must be immersed in water rather than filled with water as that can cause the glaze to craze. If you live in a very dry climate you may want to resoak occasionally."

I've wanted one of these for years and now I finally have one. I can't wait to use it. 


At the Santa Fe Olive Oil Co I bought, 


18 yr old Balsamic vinegar and some white Balsamic and a chipotle olive oil blend. 

Can't wait to try the 18 yr old Balsamic. 


And I wasn't going to leave Santa Fe without 


a pair of stinkin' cute western boots. 

Thanks for taking the trip with us. We enjoyed your company immensely. 

And that's that


B2V part Deux

I know I'm a little late with the rest of the Vegas trip, but I'm still fighting a cold and have been super busy since I've been home, so here we go...

Shelly and I showed Marit around Vegas on Friday. Not only was it Marit's first Baker to Vegas (B2V) experience, it was her first trip to Vegas, ever.



I think that deserves a toast. 

Marit toasted with water as she abstains from imbibing alcohol. She would have been the perfect designated driver, but we found the joys of an all day monorail pass and got around town in comfort and ease. 

Keep reading, you have to see our lunch, it was f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s

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Time for Baker to Vegas Relay Race Again

Dang, I can't believe it's been a year already. Last year we had so much fun volunteering to help our team, we had to do it again this year. We drug a couple more friend/co-workers along with us this time. 

Marit and I drove over yesterday. (Shelly, Maria and Jason are flying in later) On the way we stopped in Temecula CA for an eggs Benedict breakfast at Baily's Old Town



Want to see our breakfast and our cool digs in Vegas?


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Pasta making class at Laguna Culinary Arts

Yep, Squeaks and I are at it again. This time we took a pasta making class, to hone our skills. 

This is the second class we took at Laguna Culinary Arts. Had this been the first class I've taken there, it would have been my last. That being said, I'm pretty sure I'll give them another chance but right now my disappointment is still very fresh. 




The class was taught by a guest chef Chef Rino Amato from Italy.

Very nice personable man that did his absolute best under the circumstances. 

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Last weekend I ran up to Laguna Niguel to visit with Squeaks for the weekend. She told me about a couple of craft fairs in the area and thought we should hit them up to hopefully find some Christmas gifts. 

Aaaand...that Bill was having some Maryland Blue Crabs flown in Sat. for our dinner that night. Oh, happy, happy, happy,  yummy, yummy, yummy. 

As usual I ate like a king while I was up there. 

We did our usual shopping and running around, dang, that makes one hungry. Knowing we were in for a crab-fest for dinner, but needing to stave off our hunger, we stopped by the Surf and Sand for a little snack and drinks. 

We ordered from the appetizer menu and it was the perfect amount to hold us over. 


 I had the fried calamari that was served with a creamy dipping sauce and red cherry pepper rings, 

Come see what else we had. 

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Work day at church

Last Saturday was a work day at church. A day to catch up on some neglected chores and spruce up the place a little.

 I volunteered to be one of the workers, I mean, how hard can it be? The only thing I didn't want to do was clean any ovens, I despise cleaning ovens. I would have if it was needed, and would have done it with a cheerful heart, not overflowing-ly cheerful, but cheerful.

Thankfully that was not on the list. I should have known none of the chores would have included any kitchen duties; because after potlucks, you can't get into the kitchen for all the clean up volunteers. 

This is what I saw as I arrived at church. Holy Moly a couple of pallets of brick. Dang, someones going to be sore tomorrow. 



Cleaning ovens was beginning to look better all the time. 

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What happens in Vegas,

will eventually end up on the internet, at least if you go with me it will. 

A few weeks ago was the Baker to Vegas Law Enforcement relay run.  A few of my friends/co-workers and I decided to lend support to our co-workers that were running and volunteered to help the organizers of our team. 

  Which meant, WEEKEND IN VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT



When our porter saw two women and 12 bags he asked how many of us will there be. Umm just one more is flying in tomorrow and none of these are hers. 

We brought besides the obvious clothing etc... a cooler, champagne, pate, caviar, smoked salmon, prosciutto, honeydew melon, several flavors of cream cheese, bagels, orange juice, crackers, and scones. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. 


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Easter Sunday Rainbow

Easter Sonrise services this morning in our little mountain, back country church was glorious. The services were held in our outdoor amphitheater.

As we were singing, 



Clebrate Jesus celebrate
Clebrate Jesus celebrate
Clebrate Jesus celebrate
Clebrate Jesus celebrate

He is risen He is risen
And He lives forevermore
He is risen He is risen
Come on and celebrate
The resurrection of our Lord

We were treated to a little budgeoning rainbow in our partly cloudy sky. 




Oh yeah, and after services we were served a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, sausages and eggs.  

Wonderful way to start the week.