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My new digs

After my husband passed away I moved from San Diego to Lake Havasu City to be with my daughter and adult grandsons. I've visited here many, many times so it's not all that new or strange to me. I'm loving it here and I'm excited about this new season of my life.

I want to show you my new digs. Don't let the property manager know that I'm showing you the apartment before the cleaning lady has had a chance to work her magic, but I'm so excited to finally have my own place I can't stand it. It's in a senior citizen apartment home community. 

IMG_2469 front of apartment

This is the front of my apartment. Each building has 4 apartments and each entrance faces a different direction so you are afforded a little privacy. All one level one-story apartments. 

I'm going to see if I can't replace that pitiful little plant. Don't you think a Mexican bird of paradise would look good there? 

IMG_2470 front patio

Here's my little patio, it's actually a good size, enough room for some patio furniture and a grill. That's the living room window and the door on the right is a little storage room. 

I have a cute wrought iron bench with a cushion that will fit perfectly under the window. 

IMG_2471 to kitchen

Looking into my apartment from the front door. 

IMG_2473 from kitchen

From the kitchen to the front door. Notice the ceiling fan, there's one in every room and there are 9' ceilings throughout. 

IMG_2474 fridge corner

On the refrigerator side of the kitchen.
Yippie Skippie, the fridge has an ice maker, I love the lazy susan in the corner cabinet, and the sink has a garbage disposal. 

There are plenty of electrical outlets throughout the apartment. 

IMG_2475 pantry corner

Lots of cabinets and I like the little desk area in the kitchen. 

IMG_2476 ss dishwasher

I don't believe I've ever seen a stainless steel dishwasher before. 

IMG_2490 deep pantry shelves

See how deep the pantry shelves are! I'm going to have to get some roll-out shelves to put in there. lordy! who knows what can get lost back in there. 

IMG_2477 hallway

From the kitchen down the hallway, nice big cabinets at the end of the hallway. The bathroom is on the left, bedrooms are on the right. 

IMG_2478 walk in shower

And speaking of bathrooms, nice walk-in shower with a fold-down seat. Yes, the shower curtain has got to go. 

IMG_2480 bathroom counter

Lots of bathroom counter space and cabinets

IMG_2479 bathroom

There is also enough room in the bathroom to put a cabinet if needed.

Are you still with me? 

IMG_2482 guest room

Guest bedroom, bigger than I expected.

IMG_2483 guest room

Guest bedroom closet, I can store lots of stuff in there but don't worry, I'll leave plenty of room for you when you come to visit. 

IMG_2484 master bedroom

Master bedroom.

IMG_2485 second window in master

Going to the walk-in closet. I'm so happy with the extra window in the master, only two units have them. 

IMG_2487 master closet

Huge walk-in closet. I think I can rent it out. 

IMG_2488 window in master closet

Shoot, even the closet has a window,

IMG_2489 little cubby in closet

and a little cubby corner. Yippie more space in which to stuff  "stuff"

I've been gifted some nice furniture so all I have to do is buy a couple of more pieces and decorate. The decorating should be interesting because I like everything, I have no particular style so I'm thinking it will be a bit eclectic, which is fine with me. 
Since I'm decorating on a dime,  I think I'll call my style Early Thrift Store. 

Don't worry, I'll bore you with my furnishing and decorating as it goes along. 

And that's that.