Peach Panzanella Salad
Mango Cabbage Slaw

The Grove Grinder

This was the last stop on my staycation. The Grove Grinder sandwich shop Not saying I saved the best for last but it was pretty darned good and I'll eat there again for sure. 


You walk up to the counter to order, I would have taken a picture of that part of the restaurant but it's a small space and they were really busy and the lady behind the counter must have been having a bad day, not pleasant or helpful at all.


Whole lot of collectibles 

There are only 4 tables. It was easy getting a table, most of the business appeared to be take out. 

I got a Philly Cheesesteak. The sandwich was wonderful, I had the choice of smoked meat or not, I chose not. Nicely seasoned tender meat and the veggies were done to perfection, still a bit crispy. 
They have a large selection of sandwiches and all sandwiches can be made breadless as a salad which I think is nice. 

Out of the places I've been to, there is only one I won't be going back to, so I think I hit up some pretty good places in my Zip Code. 

And that's that!