Sushi? I'm In
Lemon Grove Thai

Stop and Eat First

My stomach was grumbling on my way to my favorite Middle Eastern market.  Now, I know I’ve read it somewhere, either in the Bible or in the Constitution I don’t remember which, but I read somewhere that one is not to go shopping for groceries while one is hungry.

I was thinking about what I could grab in the store to eat while shopping to stave off my hunger, they have some pretty good in-store prepared food, then I saw their new restaurant was finally open so of course I had to try the restaurant.

I ordered the falafel bowl. It's a pretty good size so go hungry.


The falafel are served over basmati rice with chopped pickles and chopped tomato with tahini sauce.

The falafel are wonderful not greasy at all. They are crunchy on the outside and tender and well seasoned on the inside. Of course the rice was perfect. 

I'll eat there again in a heartbeat. 
I had this at Vine Ripe Market

So...the next time I was starving while out running errands I drove by a taco stand that I've been to before but not recently. Carnitas taco was all I could think so I doubled back and ordered a carnitas taco with rice and beans. 


I ate every bite, not even one grain of rice was left. 

I had this at La Esquina Mexican Grill

Don't go hungry!

And that's that!