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Lemon Grove Thai

One of the newest restaurants in town Lemon Grove Thai was one of the first restaurants to make it on my staycation list. I finally got to go there today. 

It's an order at the counter type place and you can tell they put a lot of thought and hard work into the restaurant.
On the far end of the counter are the condiments and the plastic cutlery. There is also a large pitcher of ice water and cups available to help yourself. 

I ordered the Tom Yum soup. I really like the idea of being able to choose your protein and level of spice. I ordered a level 4 because for my entree I ordered a spicier curry. I'm so glad I ordered only a level 4, wow!! that is spicy and trust me, I can handle spice. After I got through the first few bites and blew my nose (sorry, gross I know) a few times I became a little more accustomed to it. I scooped down into the cup and dang, look at all the veggies and lovely mushrooms. This I will order again, and yes, I think I'll keep the level 4. Lemongrass is one of my favorites to cook with and the lemongrass broth was delicious 



While I was looking over the menu the lady at the next table asked me if I like curry, she had ordered the yellow curry and highly recommended it, spice level 8 which she said was spicy enough but she wouldn’t go above an 8 next time. I ordered the yellow curry with pork and spice level 8. Yes, it had a decent level of spice and if I wasn’t having another spicy dish with it, I think I’d kick it up a notch.
The rice was perfectly cooked, just sticky enough without being glommy and able to stay together on the chopsticks so it can be dipped in the curry. The curry is a nice blending of spices and herbs, well balanced. It had nice big pieces of potato that were not overcooked, they were cooked ”just right”, and of course onions and carrots.

Here are some out-takes of the menu


I ordered the small Tom Yum soup, vegetables, level 4


For my entree protein I chose pork, spice level 8


And my entree was yellow curry.

This is one of the restaurants on my short list of places I want to eat at again. 

And that's that!