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Bristol Farms Market Run

Charlie's Famous Hamburgers

This afternoon I checked off another place on my Lemon Grove Staycation list.

I swung by, Charlies Famous Hamburgers, on my way home from running errands


and picked up a deluxe cheeseburger


and a small order of fries for $7.00
No this wasn't the full order of fries, it's just a few I put on my plate. 


The only seating they have is outside and it was nice and shady. I could have eaten there, but it was pretty hot today and besides that, wanted to have a nice cold beer with my lunch.

On my way home I started snacking on the french fries, OMGosh, I couldn't believe my ears and teeth, they actually were crispy and crunchy with soft interiors. I can't remember when was the last time I could hear myself munching on a french fry. 

The burger was delicious, besides the lettuce and tomato, it had my all time favorite thing to have on a hamburger, raw onion. I don't think I can be happy with a burger from anywhere else. Now I know why they are called Charlie's Famous Hamburgers. They've been here since 1973.

Oh Yeah, and on Friday nights the classic cars show up. How fun is that!

And that's that!