Mystery snack a.k.a. !What the Heck!
Pickled Red Onions


Yippie Skippie, I'm starting my vacation.
I'm not able to wander too far from home for a vacation this year, so what better thing to do with my time off than to re-discover my hometown.

Just a quick little background. I was born and raised in San Diego County, mainly Lemon Grove. After a few stints of living other places, (the last 15 years being in the Campo-Lake Morena area), I moved back to Lemon Grove to be the Private Cook in my sister's Homestay for College students. Now that the school semester is over and our last student has departed I'm going to take a little time off, O.K. a lot of time off, like the whole month of July.  

I'll still be doing some cooking, but only when I feel like it which so far has been every day. Wait!!! I thought I said I was on vacation. 

Perhaps I should call it a foodcation because I'll be scoping out the local restaurants, and I'll be wandering into other zip codes as well. This is such a culturally diverse area that discovering some different cuisines is going to be exciting. 

I'll be posting my Staycation, not only the food but other interesting things I might run across in my ventures. Of course, that will also include some of my amateur photography.

If interested you'll find the posts in the Staycation category. 

Off to some new and interesting ventures.