First Annual Memorial Day Chili Cookoff
A Steak You'll Flip For

Henry's Korean Shabu Shabu

Last weekend our Korean student Henry and one of his friends Donghyun wanted to make a meal for the rest of their group. 

KCB_1290 - Copy

Korean Shabu-shabu was one of the items on the menu. 

Come see what they made...

Henry, the one on the right, is staying with us. HIs friend Donghyun is the chef of the group.

KCB_1276 - Copy

Henry turned out to be the perfect sous chef

KCB_1279 - Copy

Once there was no more counter space in the kitchen, (yes, it's small)

KCB_1278 - Copy

they continued at the dining room table. 

KCB_1282 - Copy

When their friends started showing up, they put them to work also. 

KCB_1288 - Copy

The boys, um excuse me, young men set a nice table outside. Cloth tablecloths and napkins, chargers and china dinnerware. 
Sorry about the crummy color, harsh light, blue awnings cell phone photos. But you get the idea. 

KCB_1285 - Copy

The star of the show, Korean Shabu-Shabu. 
They did all this themselves. 

KCB_1292 - Copy

I think a good time was had by all. 

Henry was on his cell phone the whole time following the shabu-shabu recipe, in Korean of course. From what I could see, from peeking over his shoulder, this is what they made.  

Korean Shabu-Shabu

And that's that!