Pickled Red Onions
Imperial Taqueria a.k.a. Tacos, Oh yeah!!!

Da Chicken Coop

The other day I had for the first time ever, chicken and waffles. The first venture on my staycation. 

I had them at Da Chicken Coop, almost right out my back door. Don't hate me. 

It's outside seating and you walk up to the window to place and pick up your order. No biggie, it was a nice day. 
I ordered the small dark meat chicken and waffle and was asked besides the syrup for the waffle would I like some hot sauce for the chicken. heckyesthankyouverymuch. 

That was the tenderest, juiciest chicken I've had in a long time. Wish mine was that good, and I'm a pretty good chicken cooker.

How do you eat your chicken and waffles? 
So first I tried a bite of chicken and waffle with just syrup on both, then I tried a bite with plain chicken and just syrup on the waffle, then I hit my jackpot. Hot sauce on just the chicken, syrup on just the waffle, stab the chicken with your fork, then stab the syrup-laden waffle, enjoy.

I was under the impression that it was a southern thing, after doing a little research it has been attributed to a similar Pennsylvania Dutch dish, but on further reading, it is said to be from Harlem and others say it's Southern Soul Food. 
Will we ever really know for sure?

Looks like I'm off to a darned good start on my staycation. 

And that's that!