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A Steak You'll Flip For

I've grilled some pretty darned good steaks in my time, but I'm always interested in learning new grilling and smoking techniques so when I ran across this article,  "The surprising reason you don't want to have steak with grill marks" I was intrigued. 



I used to try to get great grill marks, but not anymore.  


I got some good grill marks just because I was grilling, but it's no longer that important to me.

The article recommends flipping the steaks every minute. I did that and they turned out to be the tenderest, juiciest, steaks I think I've ever made. The outside had a nice little char on it.
I usually season steaks with either just sea salt and freshly ground black pepper or Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Of course, flipping the steaks every minute meant that I had to hang out closer to the grill


which I didn't mind one little bit. 


Before the steaks, or just about anything goes on the grill, I've learned to cut a chunk of fat off of the steak to "oil" the grill with. It works a treat, much better than oil. 

I keep the fat I trim off of beef in a little baggie in the freezer, that way I always have it on hand. And when I'm done, the dog gets a little treat. 

And That's that!