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Prosciutto Score !!!!!!

And she scores !!!!!!!


I was in Grocery Outlet the other day, and one thing on my list was some prosciutto for my asparagus. I found 3 oz packages for 4.99 a package.
As I was picking them out I noticed they were two days out of code. I asked the young man working in the department if they were going to mark these down since they were out of code. He checked with his manager and I thought he told me they will be marked down a dollar and that he was going to go make the change on the computer right away so I'll get the discount when I checked out, and to get as many as I wanted. I thought heck a dollar off isn't such a bad deal and got three. 

When I checked out they rang up at a dollar a package, not the 3.99 I thought they would be. I questioned the cashier and told her what I thought he said, I even suggested that maybe he put in the wrong code, she said no, that's how much they are. I took my groceries out to the car and kept thinking that was a big mistake and I didn't want the young man to get into trouble, I mean after all that would be a discount of $59.80 taking all packages into consideration. I went back into the store to find him and double check the price because if they were indeed a dollar a package I was going to scarf them all up. Yes, they were only a dollar a package and I bought all 20 of them. Yes I shared with my friends and the rest I'll freeze.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy


Had some grilled prosciutto wrapped veggies with the grilled chicken last night. 

And that's that!