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Latest Thrift Store Find

I enjoy finding unique kitchen items, especially when I can find them on the cheap in the thrift store.  


$7.99 for the set, there's not one chip or scratch anywhere. 


The largest bowl is 3 cup capacity, next one is 1 2/3 and the smallest is one cup. 

I can't wait to start using them. Just looking at them makes me happy.


 And that's that.   

Kale/Herb Stripper

Never met a gadget I didn't like. Not only do I buy gadgets, I actually do use them. 


I try not to buy one trick ponies but this is one I'll use a lot, especially when stripping the leaves off of rosemary and thyme. 

This morning It worked great on the kale, so it's a keeper. Looking at the larger holes, I think it can be used it for collard greens too. 

And that's that