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Flank Steak Rolled with Pesto

Flank Steak Rolled with Pesto, doesn't get much better than this.  


Rested, sliced and ready to plate. 


Come see how it's done...


I bought a flank steak but didn't want to do the same ol' same ol' fajita type recipe; then I ran across a recipe for flank steak rolled with pesto. I had some jarred pesto in my cupboard that was ready to code so I decided this was the recipe for me. 

Place the steak on the cutting board with the grain running perpendicular to you. Use a long thin very sharp knife to butterfly the meat by slicing through the long side of the steak, opening it up as you go, stopping short of cutting the steak in two.



Press the meat flat. 



Spread the pesto to within an inch of the edge of the meat. 
Add shavings of fresh Parmesan cheese all over the top of the pesto. 



Roll up the steak, with the grain running the length of the roll and tie up every two inches


Tied up and ready to cook. 

I rubbed the steak with the pesto that oozed out while rolling the steak.
Next time I make this, and I will make it again because it's excellent, I'll make the pesto rather than using jarred.
Jarred pesto is too loose and some oozed out as I rolled it. Homemade pesto can be made a little firmer and would work better.

  You can grill the steak or roast it in a 325*F oven. I roasted it but next time I think I'll grill it. 



What looks like grease in the pan is actually the olive oil from the pesto, it's wonderful spooned over the plated steak. 

And that's that.