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Let Them Eat Cold Plate

When it's too hot to cook and you have leftovers to use, let them eat cold plate.
Guess I could come up with a more creative, nicer name than cold plate, but at least no one expects a hot meal with that name. 

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From top to bottom, clockwise we had. crispy pork belly salami, grilled top sirloin, deviled eggs, grilled halloumi cheese, pears wrapped in prosciutto, sliced tomatoes, castelvetrano olives, and sliced cucumbers.

The dipping sauces are creamy horseradish and chimichurri.
When I made the chimichurri sauce, I froze the extra in an ice cube tray then put the cubes in a plastic bag in the freezer, all I had to do was defrost a couple of cubes and I was good to go. 

Serve with some nice crackers and crusty bread of your choice and you have a nice filling meal


And that's that

Thai Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk

What a great find sweetened condensed coconut milk.
If you are lactose/casein intolerant like me, we can now enjoy some of the treats we've had to avoid for so long. 

One thing I'm now able to enjoy is a nice refreshing iced Thai coffee.

 The ingredients are coffee, of course, coconut milk and sweetened condensed coconut milk. 




This was a great find for me, and it's sweetened with cane sugar, not high fructose syrup.




Just mix 1/4 each of the condensed milk and coconut milk in the bottom of the glass and mix well.




Fill the glass with ice.




Add strong brewed hot coffee.




Insert straw and blow bubbles to mix. 

And that's that