Vegan "Cheese" Sauce
Just put it in an omelette

Potato Patty

Leftovers from dinner for breakfast? Yep, that's good doin's Maynard. 


And it's especially good when potato patties and some crispy fried meats are involved. 




From the last few nights meals, I had a couple of small pieces of leftover tonkatsu
and some cooked potatoes. What else could you do but make potato patties and eggs? 



After mashing the potatoes, I added some cream and cream cheese,



and some diced scallion. 
I kept adding the cream and cheese and mixing until I had a patty that would hold together.


After lightly dusting the patty with some flour I fried it in a mixture of butter and oil



until golden brown.



Top with an egg of your choice, I prefer sunny side up or over easy. 
I gave the tonkatsu a quick zap in the microwave, just enough to take the chill off. 


And that's that