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Specialty Produce, My Disney/lego land all rolled into one.

I always get a big charge out of shopping at Specialty Produce mainly because of the top quality produce and the great customer service. I also have to admit it's a bit exciting shopping in a working warehouse and shopping alongside some of the local chefs. 

I've never bought one of the Farmer's Market boxes before, but when I found out half of the ingredients in this week's box was on my list I bought one. 

n the box this week is 
Asparagus from Life's a Choke Farm
Dill from Be Wise Ranch
Green Leaf Lettuce Be Wise Ranch
Valencia Oranges Polito Family Farms
Amarosa Fingerling Potatoes, Weiser Family Farms
Purple Daikon Radishes Black Sheep Produce
Natural Flame Raisins Peacock Family Farms
Purple Kohlrabi Suzi's Farm
Bloomsdale Spinach Black Sheep Produce
Ruby Tango Tangerines Sun West

Along with the Farmer's Market Box, I bought. 
Cabbage, I bought two huge heads so I can make sauerkraut. Carrots, Arugula, 
Fingerling Mix Peewee Potatoes, Easter Egg Radish, Squash blossom, Italian Cipollini Onions
Yellow Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes. 

 Besides fresh produce, they have the best selection of dried chilies

The chilies are not stale and crumble when you touch them, they are still pliable. 
I bought some Ancho, Guajillo and Pasilla. 

Oh, and we can't forget 


Quail Eggs to cook over easy to top the asparagus. 

And that's that, until next time ;-)

Kimchi Pot

I love the housewares aisle at any supermarket, but I especially love the housewares aisles in ethnic supermarkets. Today I was shopping at Zion Market  and, of course, I had to peruse the housewares aisle. I found this really cool pot but wasn't sure if it was for cooking or serving, so I asked the nice lady that was shopping next to me if it could be used on a stove top, or was it for the oven; not for cooking she said, it's a kimchi pot. Oh, that made me so happy because I was there shopping for my kimchi ingredients. 


I don't have to use canning jars anymore, I have my very own kimchi pot. 
Happy, happy, joy, joy. 


Sooooo while I was there I walked the aisles and came across something else I'm not familiar with, am I that far behind the times?


 According to the back of the package, it can be used in tea, coffee, and when baking and cooking. 
Can't wait to try it. 


And that's that