Fermented Cherry Tomatoes
Stuffed Zucchini

Brazilian Cheese Buns

   Who knew grain/gluten free could be so good


 Lunch today was a tuna salad sandwich on a Brazilian cheese bun 

I served it with some of my home fermented vegetables and a tomato that I cut the top off of, squeezed the seeds out and filled it with feta cheese and balsamic vinegar

Ready to make some great buns?



 Just four simple ingredients is all you need


 Gather a couple of large eggs, some cheese, baking powder and tapioca flour/starch



The recipe calls for mixing the flour and baking powder, then adding the cheese and eggs. 

I wanted to experiment a little and see if whisking the eggs until they were light and fluffy would make a difference in the dough. It did make a little difference, the buns were a little lighter and rose a bit higher than usual, but I don't think it was_that_big of a difference. 



 Using an ice cream scoop to portion out the dough helps keep the buns a uniform size



Pat down the dough, just a little though, you don't want to flatten them.

Moistening your impeccably clean fingers, keeps the dough from sticking while you pat down the dough.

WOW!  Look at those beautiful, fresh out of the oven, buns. 



Look at that beautiful texture 


 Here's the recipe I use 

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Brazilian Cheese Buns

breads, Paleo

1 cup tapioca flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 cups of cheddar or montery jack cheese
2 eggs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Whisk together the tapioca flour and baking powder.
Stir in cheese and eggs.
Mix together and knead the until a dough forms. ( I do this in my kitchen
aid mixture.) This is a wet more sticky dough.
It will not be the same as a regular bread dough.

Divide into 8-10 pieces. I use a cookie scoop to make sure the pieces are

Bake for 13-15 minutes or until done, but not browned. You want these to be
soft and tender.

Notes: www.lynnskitchenadventures.com

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And that's that