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Trout Nugget Salad

This past week I have been gifted with some beautiful trout. My dear friend’s husband is an avid fisherman, and a superb fisherman he is indeed. 



One thing I made with some of the trout was a beautiful salad with tartar sauce dressing.

Here’s how I made it.



I had two beautiful fish filets that I cut into nuggets.
Don’t scream, the last filet I had I treated with respect and grilled.



As you know, trout is a pretty bony fish, so I had a few bones to remove. That was a quick and easy task thanks to my Leatherman, yes, it is an essential kitchen tool ;-) I needed to skin the fish also.

I used a boning knife to remove the skin. I don’t know when was the last time I needed to perform such a delicate task, but I think I did a pretty good job.



I cut the filets into bite sized pieces, aka nuggets.



 Then I tossed the nuggets in some Old Bay seasoning and white rice flour.



Using lots of butter and some olive oil, I gave those beautiful morsels of fish loveliness a spa treatment until they were golden brown.



I made a basic tartar sauce of mayonnaise, finely diced onion, finely diced dill pickle and some chopped up dill, all to taste. I thinned the tartar sauce out a bit and used that as the salad dressing. Deeelicious.  

And that’s that