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Fermenting Jalapenos

When I typed in the title of this post, I had to laugh thinking that it would be a great name for a rock band. I can imagine calling my friends, “Hey, the Fermenting Jalapenos are in town, wanna go hear them”? Yes, I’m weird in case you haven’t already noticed.

Enough digression. If you haven’t already fermented some jalapenos read on, you just might want to try it sometime. 



 The jalapenos with some vegetables ready to ferment for a while 

 You need very few ingredients...

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Indo-Asian Chicken Skewers

I wasn't planning on blogging this because it was an "on the fly" kind of meal. I don't have a lot of photos, but the chicken turned out so good I had to share the recipe and what few photos I did take.   


 Skewered chicken served with potato salad, avocado slices and corn tortillas. 

I modified an Indonesian marinade recipe adding some Asian flavors.

Come get the recipe...

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Corn and Green Chilis

Quick, easy, and potluck friendly, that’s exactly what I was looking for


Corn and green chilies baked into a golden puffy delight.

This is going to the Women’s Fellowship today, so no plated shot.

 Don’t know why I haven’t been real big on making casseroles, it might be that I ate my fill, and then some, while growing up. This is cheesy, (not to be confused with cheesey) with just the right amount of spice from the green chilis. If you aren't a big casserole fan, I think you just might like this one.

Come see how it's done...

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