Frila Soup
Chipotle Tortilla Ham and Cheese Wrap

Grasshoppers in my salt, you say!

I always seem to find something new (to me) and interesting when I shop at Specialty Produce.
A couple of things I bought yesterday is grasshopper salt, yep, real ground up grasshoppers, and Basil Crystals. I've already tried the worm salt and they taste pretty much the same, a little bit smoky, but the grasshopper salt isn't as spicy. I think the grasshopper salt will be great on vegetables. 

The Basil crystal ingredients are basil and sugar. They have a good strong basil taste and aren't too sweet. I think it's mainly for rimming a drink glass, but I'm all for sprinkling them on a baked potato or some squash too.





I also bought some 12 inch chipotle flavored flour tortillas.  


 I'll be making wraps with these for the Women's Fellowship on Wednesday.
That recipe and step by step will be posted later this week.

These are pretty spicy, so I think I'll keep the filling light, and gently seasoned.


And that's that