Chilly day Chile
Celery Soup

Dried Whole Green Peas

I'm sure dried whole green peas have been around for quite a while but I've never noticed them until now. This morning I cooked a small pot of them. They take about as long to cook as beans do; the package say to cook them for 35 to 40 minutes, not, they take a lot longer. 

I did the quick soak method by covering them with water and bringing to the boil. Then I let them sit, covered, for an hour. I added a bit more water and cooked them at a low boil, covered, for a couple of hours.  



These are the most pea tasting peas I've ever had. They do not get super soft, they still have a little body to them. 


I made a pot of rice and added some of these wonderful peas to it. 



I think this will be a big hit along with the Molé I'm making for the church pot luck tomorrow. 


And that's that