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Rockin' Granola Cookies

Yes, these cookies rock. Homemade granola mixed with more dried fruit, more nuts and butter. How much better does it get?  The original recipe calls for store bought granola but I make it with my homemade Rockin' Granola and that's what makes these cookies Rock



Rich with dried fruit and nuts it's a moist and chewy cookie. 

And since they are made with healthy. homemade granola, they have to be good for you no?


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Roots Community Kitchen

Can't believe I was lucky enough to spy this place while I was running errands Sat. They've only been open a short time and I hope they will be in business for a long time. 

It's great to find a restaurant, especially in my area, that serves local, organic food. 



I ordered the cheese pizza, made with their homemade mozzarella cheese. 

Come check the place out. 


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