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Preserving Fresh Basil Leaves

I've been perusing the internet looking for ways to help preserve some of my summer bounty. One thing I ran across, that I couldn't wait to try, was freezing fresh herbs in olive oil. I did read that some think basil is not a good candidate for this process, we'll see, I just had to try it myself. 



I placed probably a tablespoon of basil leaves in each cube of an ice cube tray and covered them with oil. Apparently overnight in the freezer, the basil floated to the top. 

I thought they looked pretty, but I think they need to be completly covered with oil. So I...

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I'm In Kimchi Heaven

After I made some fermented pickles that I layered with napa cabbage, I still had about a medium head of cabbage left. Cole slaw is nice; but since I was in the "fermenting" mode, and having never made kimchi before, it seemed only logical that I should try my hand at making kimchi. 

After a lot of googling I happened upon Maangchi web site featuring an easy kimchi recipe. OMGosh, am I ever happy I did. 



Just look at that beautiful bowl of spicy, firey goodness


Grab your napa cabbage, some red pepper flakes and let's get going...


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Fermented Pickles

I saw these wonderful Kirby cucumbers at a local farmstand and had to have them; which meant of course...pickles, but not just_any_pickles, I want pickles like I get at DZ Akin's not vinegar-y but fermented.  



I think I came pretty close.

To be totally sure though, I think I need to go back there for lunch again, all in the name of research you know. 

It's really pretty easy, come see how I made them. 


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