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Sweet Corn Tamale ala The Turquoise Room

The sweet corn tamale is one of the delights I ate at The Turquoise Room. I bought their cookbook and couldn't wait to make it. 



Sweet corn tamale served on a green corn husk.

I served it with a corn and bean salad and roasted chicken breast. 


Let me show you how I made it. 



The recipe in the cookbook is the basic sweet corn tamale recipe. It can be filled with any filling of your choice. For now, I made and served the basic version, which in itself is delicious. 




For the recipe you'll need corn, egg whites, salt, cornmeal and butter. 




Cut the corn off the cob.

I saw somewhere that if you put the cob on the center post of a bundt pan it makes the job easier, well, not for me. I kept whacking my knife blade on the pan, not good, so I went back to my old ways of using a paper plate. 


Puree the corn. I used my handy dandy immersion blender. 



Start whisking the egg whites




until stiff and firm. 




Add the salt and cornmeal to the pureed corn. 




Fold the egg whites into the corn puree. 




Add walnut sized pieces of butter to the puree. 




Add the puree to a buttered pan, cover with plastic wrap and place in a stove top steamer pot. 

I don't have a stove top steamer pot so I had to get creative. 

In my largest saucier I brought water to a boil, then reduced to a simmer. I balanced a small baking dish on the edges of the pot.  I had to do this in two batches. 



Because of the balancing pan/pot act, the lid doesn't fit snugly.  




I was concerned that too much steam would escape so I covered the pot, lid and all, with aluminium foil. 

In retrospect, this was overkill, just the lid would have been fine. 




Halfway through remove the pan from the steamer and gently bring the edges into the middle.

Cover and return to cook. 


Here's their recipe, I hope you try it. 


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Basic Sweet Corn Tamale


3 cups fresh corn kernels; ~ 4 to 5 ears
cut from the freshest corn which; enhances the sweetness
1 cup cornmeal; yellow or white
depending on what color corn; you use
8 ounces unsalted sweet cream butter; room temperature
1/2 tablespoon sea salt
2 cups egg white

Select the sweetest, fresh corn possible. Shuck and then with a very sharp
knife cut the kernels off the cob. Now take the blunt side of your knife
and scrape the cob to remove any juice that remains. There will always be
some corn juice on the cob, every drip counts!. Place it in the food
processor and purée. Place (the puree) in a large steel bowl and then proceed to whisk
the egg whites until stiff and firm.
While they are whipping fold the salt and cornmeal into the corn purée.
when the eggs are ready, fold half of them into the corn mixture and blend
until smooth. Add the rest of the whites and fold in gently at this stage
so as to leave as much air in the whites as possible.
Break the butter into walnut-size pieces and fold them into the mixture.
You will need a container that fits into the stove top steaming pot.
Butter the container (add the corn puree) and cover it with plastic wrap. Place it in the
steamer and cook for 15 minutes. Remove; (from the steamer) gently turn the mixture over
bringing the outside part of it to the middle. Cover and return it to cook
for another 15 minutes
To serve as a side dish with dinner, I suggest using an ice cream-type
scoop and scoop it into a green corn husk. Top with Roasted Corn Confetti
salsa and there it is. If you crave this in the winter months and cannot
find fresh corn then you may use frozen corn.

This is the second most popular recipe requested from our menu. It's
origins lay in Mexico, where it is called Tamale Verde. The literal
translation is: green tamale. This is because it is made with fresh corn
that has green husks around the masa. It is steamed and served immediately.
This is enjoyed at its best when madr fresh for dinner; however, it can be
made in advance and re-steamed. The filling can be anything from dried
fruits and nuts to be served as a dessert or simply as a side dish, an
appetizer, or stuffed with virtually any filling of your choice. This is
the basic recipe that you can use in the other sections throughout this
cookbook. I suggest it always be made in at least this amount, as yo will
realize it ahs a tendency to disappear rthe moment it is left out to cool.
Allow for one-third of it to be sampled before your guests arrive. Be

8-4oz servings

Notes: The Turquoise Room Winslow AZ

Yield: 8-4oz serv

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