Girls Road Trip Part Two
Girls Road Trip Part Three. The Compound Restaurant.

Our Santa Fe Digs

We stayed at the nicest Inn, in Santa Fe. Casa de Tres Lunas. This link shows the suite we stayed in. We were just two blocks off the plaza and walked to most everywhere we needed to go. We even walked up to the art gallery where Squeaks daughter Kristen was having her show. 



This is the private patio right out our front door. 

C'mon, let me show you the rest of the place. 


We stayed in the Full Moon Suite that had a fully equipped kitchen. And when I say fully equipped I mean they thought of everything. 




Every utensil you could possible need was in that kitchen, even an immersion blender along with a standard blender. Full range and dishwasher.




It even came equipped with a coffee bean grinder and a mini food processor. 

Can you spot the one little thing that's wrong with this kitchen? 

A few food items were in the cupboard; besides the standard coffee fixens' were packs of oatmeal, spiced apple cider, microwave popcorn, nutrigrain bars etc.. And in the fridge were a few bottle of apple and orange juice. The dinnerware was a full set of Fiesta Ware. 




We nabbed the kitchen table right away an started setting up our computers. 




Looking from the front door into the living room with a wood burning fireplace. Trust me, we sure didn't need no stinkin' heat, it was pleanty warm enough. There were games provided too, like Uno, Scrabble, a deck of cards and Skip-bo

Kristen taught us how to play The Settlers of Catan. That game can be very addictive. 



The living room looking from the hallway between the two bedrooms. 




This is the room I stayed in. That beautiful headboard is actually a room divider, how cool is that. 




Looking from my room and bathroom, down the hall into Squeaks' room. 




This is the room Squeaks stayed in. It has it's own private bathroom also




and it opened out onto the Inn's courtyard. 

We are now safely ensconsed in Taos contemplating where we are going to eat tonight.

The prediction is for thunderstorms, we are hoping this is true so we can sit out on the patio, have our beverages of chioce and enjoy the cool. 

And that's that for now.