Oregano Flavored Oaxaca Cheese
Adorned Buttermilk Biscuit

Spicy Eggs Country Style

Steak and eggs, it's what's for breakfast. Who can turn down a steak and poached egg breakfast, especially when it's served on top of a hot fluffy buttermilk biscuit. Not me. 



This is a great way to make a wonderful Sunday morning breakfast, using the steak that's leftover from Saturday night. 


I've shared the foolproof buttermilk biscuit recipe with you before. 



Perfect again, see, I told you. 


My intention was to make a country/rustic type Eggs Benedict using the leftover steak. Welllll, the biscuits were made, and while the egg was poaching I was going to throw together a quick blender Hollandaise Sauce. Wellll, to my utter surprise and disappointment, I didn't have enough butter, dang, I always have enough butter.

I did however spy some homemade salsa in my fridge, thanks to a co-worker. I decided that the salsa would be more than wonderful in this dish. 



Take one of those beautiful fluffy biscuits and top it with some salsa and thin slices of steak. 




Then top the steak with a perfectly poached <brag, brag> egg.  




Finish with a bit more salsa. 

Picante huevos de estilo rĂºstico ala koko

And that's that