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Girls Road Trip Part Two

Girls Road Trip

Which of course is centered around food ;-)

My friend Squeaks and I are on our way to Santa Fe New Mexico. Squeaks' daughter is having a showing at an art gallery there so we decided to use her as a great excuse for a Lucy and Ethel road trip. 

Yesterday we made it to Winslow AZ. We made pretty good time and stopped early enough for some down time and a little snack to hold us over until our 6:30 dinner reservation. 



Very tasty treat of Mini Croccantini crackers, Vincent cheese, truffle mousse pate and peppery dry salami.

We made reservations at The Turquoise Room in the La Posada Hotel.  Oh My Gosh, what a dining experience. It was so good that we made reservations for our return trip. 

Starting with the appetizer of Fried Squash Blossoms. This is not always available so we lucked out. 



The blossoms are filled with a sweet corn tamale and Oaxaca cheese. It's served with a corn salsa and a green chili sauce. 

The filling is nice and creamy. Be very careful of the green chili sauce though. It's spicy but very flavorful too. 

Let me show you what else we ate...



Squeaks had the Elk Medallions


I snagged the description off their on-line menu

Colorado Elk Medallions with Huckleberry Sauce

Farm raised Elk loin medallions with Washington State fresh huckleberry sauce, wild mushroom corn flan, and garnished with sugar snap peas. These animals are free range grazed in Colorado


I had the The Wild Wild Platter 


Grilled partially deboned Quail with a cherry sauce, an Elk Medallion with a Huckleberry sauce and a wild chile tamale of venison, bison, wild boar and scarlet runner beans topped with crèma fresca and roasted corn salsa 

I dreamed about my dinner last night. The quail was tender and moist and had a hint of cardamom. It was served with a cherry sauce. The quail was so good on it's own that I hardly used any sauce. 

I love elk so choosing this dish was a no brainer for me. It was cooked perfectly med rare and tender, I could have licked the huckleberry sauce off the plate it was so good. 

The venison, wild boar, bison tamale was awesome, the meats were simmered into a thick chili and served atop a corn husk that had a layer of masa on it. It was served open face




Oh, I almost forgot the hot bread basket that was served to us first thing. It also had some nice crispy tortilla strips. 




We shared a nice bottle of 2006 Kunde Syrah. 

Our waiter was more than efficent and charming. He's a local math teacher. 



When we found out they had a cookbook we just_had_to have one. 

You can be sure I'll be noting which recipes I want to try when I get home. Oh, and the photography in the book is stunning. 

We are going to get a quick breakfast at Denny's this morning and get into Santa Fe this afternoon. 

See ya then.