Girls Road Trip
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Girls Road Trip Part Two

As luck would have it, my computer jumped off the luggage cart at the hotel in Winslow, AZ. It was in a nice padded case and I didn't think much of it at the time. However, later on, once we were in our room and ready to chill-ax for a while, I wanted to go over some photos I took along the way. I turned my computer on and got the "black screen of death." All the lights that were supposed to be flashing were flashing but nothing was showing up on the screen. Long story short, the monitor was/is broken.

The wonderful guys at dot-foil in Santa Fe had me up and running quickly. The computer tech hooked me up with a used external monitor for $40.00 to tide me over until I can get home and get the monitor replaced. They are honest and fair and I highly recommend them.

K commercial over



Bye Winslow, AZ see ya on the flip flop. 




Helloooo New Mexico, you make my heart sing. 


Now that we are in New Mexico, time to chow down. (somemore)



We hooked up with Squeaks' daughter Kristen at the art gallery that is showing her paintings. She waited to have lunch with us. It was recommended that we try El Farol



Love the Vigas in the old buildings. 




Kristen had the Ahi tuna salad. It had little roasted potatoes also. It was cooked perfectly. 




I had the Argentine burger. A delicious burger topped with Serrano ham, that's it sticking it's tounge out at you, and and over easy egg. I'll be making this at home for sure. 

Squeaks had an avocado and crispy bacon and tomato sandwich on Chibatta bread. Didn't get a shot of that. 

After that we shopped a lot, relaxed a little, then went out for dinner. 

We walked down to the La Fonda Hotel and ate in their dining room,The La Plazuela.



It has great atmosphere, very touristy but good food anyway. I love the ambiance, it's an open restaurant with a huge center fountain and the 2nd floor looks down into the restaurant. I found the hand painted window panes unique.


Squeaks had the Heirloom Tomato Salad. I swear she's going to loose weight on this trip. 


Nice thick slices of Heirloom Tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese. 




I had the Filet and Enchilada plate. 

Red or Green Chili was offered of course, in true New Mexico style, or Christmas chili, which I found out was both, I got both. I was thrilled to see a side of Posole, it was nice and spicy. I enjoyed my meal immensely. 




Kristen had the enchiladas, they came rolled not flat. You could order them flat with an egg on top. 

I have to admit the enchiladas were wonderful. 




The posole really made me happy. Spicy and deeeelicious. 





Then of course we were served Sopapillas with warm honey. 

And that''s that for now.