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Girls Road Trip Part Two

As luck would have it, my computer jumped off the luggage cart at the hotel in Winslow, AZ. It was in a nice padded case and I didn't think much of it at the time. However, later on, once we were in our room and ready to chill-ax for a while, I wanted to go over some photos I took along the way. I turned my computer on and got the "black screen of death." All the lights that were supposed to be flashing were flashing but nothing was showing up on the screen. Long story short, the monitor was/is broken.

The wonderful guys at dot-foil in Santa Fe had me up and running quickly. The computer tech hooked me up with a used external monitor for $40.00 to tide me over until I can get home and get the monitor replaced. They are honest and fair and I highly recommend them.

K commercial over



Bye Winslow, AZ see ya on the flip flop. 




Helloooo New Mexico, you make my heart sing. 


Now that we are in New Mexico, time to chow down. (somemore)


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Girls Road Trip

Which of course is centered around food ;-)

My friend Squeaks and I are on our way to Santa Fe New Mexico. Squeaks' daughter is having a showing at an art gallery there so we decided to use her as a great excuse for a Lucy and Ethel road trip. 

Yesterday we made it to Winslow AZ. We made pretty good time and stopped early enough for some down time and a little snack to hold us over until our 6:30 dinner reservation. 



Very tasty treat of Mini Croccantini crackers, Vincent cheese, truffle mousse pate and peppery dry salami.

We made reservations at The Turquoise Room in the La Posada Hotel.  Oh My Gosh, what a dining experience. It was so good that we made reservations for our return trip. 

Starting with the appetizer of Fried Squash Blossoms. This is not always available so we lucked out. 



The blossoms are filled with a sweet corn tamale and Oaxaca cheese. It's served with a corn salsa and a green chili sauce. 

The filling is nice and creamy. Be very careful of the green chili sauce though. It's spicy but very flavorful too. 

Let me show you what else we ate...


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John's Premium Tonic Syrup

In the Jun-July issue of Saveur Magazine is an article titled "Summer Cooler." It's basically about the making of the perfect Gin and Tonic, my favorite summer drink. 

(BTW, my friend Barb Schaller is featured on page 31 of the same issue with her award winning Jams.)

So, reading about a premium, high quality tonic syrup with which to make my G&T's was too intriguing. I clicked on the websight  shown at the bottom of the page. (I get the e-edition) After reading more about it, I ordered some. 

It arrived today. Yowza, is this ever great stuff. 



Here's the best gin and tonic I've ever had. 




Quoting the website "I source organic, natural and fresh ingredients and prepare them in a commercial, state inspected facility.  Organic Amber Agave Nectar offers a mild sweetness that allows a premium gin or vodka to stand out, while complimenting the natural Cinchona Bark (Quinine), herbs and spices.  

This is smoooooth, I mean really smooooth. I love the herbal undertones to it.

And it even comes with it's own half ounce measuring cup.  




To one and a half ounces of gin,




add half an ounce of tonic syrup




and three ounces of club soda. 






I'm telling you, I'm traveling with this stuff. I don't think I can go back to "store bought" tonic again. 


I have nothing to do with John's Premium Tonic, they don't even know I exist. I just want to share a great find with you. 

Here's their recipe snagged from their website. 

Classic Drink Recipe

1-10oz. tumbler packed with preferred ice.
1.5oz. Premium gin or vodka
.5oz. tonic syrup (adjust amount to personal preference)
top off with soda water (I prefer fresh from a soda siphon)
garnish accordingly

*** If you are out on the town just order a gin or vodka and soda and add 1/2 oz. of syrup and stir!!***

To enjoy on its own, mix a ratio of .5 oz. of tonic syrup to every 3 oz. of soda water.

And that's that