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Do I need an excuse?

Squeaks and I used the excuse of our impending trip to New Mexico, not that we need an excuse,  to get together and plan our road trip and general schenanigans. 

I went up on a Fri. afternoon, early, on a Fri. afternoon, thinking I would miss some of the horrible late Fri. afternoon traffic on I-5. Silly me, the traffic is always horrible on I-5. But, lucky me, I have a great friend that is a paragon of hostesses, she had a wonderful spread of refreshments awaiting my arrival, to soothe my travel weary soul. 

To start with, 


a nice chilled bottle of Etoile Brut Champagne. Marvelous, marvelous. 

Wait 'till you see the snacks. 

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Casa Nicola Las Vegas

Dining at Casa Nicola, in the Las Vegas Hotel, was the perfect choice for our last night in Las Vegas after the B2V Relay Race. 



As soon as we sat down, we were presented with a basket filled with three different, hot, artisanal breads, with wedges of butter stab garnished with a sprig of rosemary. 

I also had a glass of pinot grigio.

Let me share what other wonderful things we had to eat... 

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