Seafood Warehouse Adventure
NZ Salmon Cooked on Salt Slab

Specialty Produce

My first, but not my last, excursion to Specialty Produce netted me some beautiful fruits and veggies. 



Fresh peas, I was so excited to get fresh peas. 


I've always thought that I live a rather dull, mundane life; this was confirmed by the joy and excitement I experienced shopping here and at Catalina Offshore Products. Who'd-a-thunk that shopping in a big, cold, working warehouse would be so much fun. 




Some of the goodies I bought were lemons, blood oranges, and fiddlehead ferns




Strawberries, kumquats, yellow and orange carrots, baby artichokes and pencil asparagus. 


Love the freshness and prices. I was pleasantly surprised by the great customer service. Everyone in the warehouse was so helpful and I didn't feel like I was in any ones way. I did keep my eye out for forklifts though. 


And that's that