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Asparagus Roasted on a Himalayan Salt Plate

Start with a Cosmopolitan...


Actually I should say, start with a good friend, 



add cosmopolitan cocktails. 

That's just the start, come see what else we indulged in...


I can't seem to visit Squeaks that oysters on the half shell aren't involved somehow. 

We had lunch at Gulfstream Restaurant in Newport Beach.



We ordered a dozen, I could have eaten them all myself, they were fresh, plump and wonderful. 




Then we had the grilled trout that was served with a side of spinach over savoy cabbage and topped with Parmesan cheese. 

The trout was flaky and moist, perfectly cooked.  I'm thinking they gave the spinach and cabbage a quick saute with garlic, I'm going to make that for sure. 

I was hoping Squeaks would excuse herself to the ladies room so I could lick the plate clean. She didn't and I didn't. 


After a trip to Sur la Table for my Himalayan salt block and a few other things I couldn't live without, it was back to Squeaks for a fun evening of great food with friends. 



We started the evening with Scottish salmon and duck paté. 




Lynn made a killer Greek salad. 

See that little bottle in the foreground with the salad dressing in it, it is so slick, I want one. 




Bill and Bob were the keepers of the grill. The ribs were done to perfection. 



While the "menfolk" were grilling, Lynn and I were tormenting Squeaks. 


The look of a totally exasperated woman.

We behaved ourselves after that, well...somewhat. 




Yumm dinner is served. We had ribs, Greek salad, garlic bread and pinto beans that were simmered all day with ham hocks. 

I love the festive table linens, Squeaks always sets a nice table. 




After dinner it was time for Bob's bourbon pecan pie. I think Squeaks is trying to get Bob to load on the whipped cream. 




Ahhhh, the perfect ending to a perfect day. 

And that's that