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Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Or shall I say my rendition of the Cosmopolitan.



This is my Jamaicapolitan, so named because it's made using Aqua de Jamaica and it's outstanding

Hunt down some dried hibiscus and lets get mixing...


Most Hispanic markets carry dried hibiscus leaves, even some spice and herb shops carry them. If not, they are readily available on line. 


I had all the ingredients except the cranberry juice, but aha, I remembered I had dried hibiscus and could make some Agua de Jamaica, that would be perfect; and in my not so humble opinion, it's even better. 




So I gathered the gin, lime, or in this case a meyer lemon, Cointreau and the agua de jamaica.

I was going to get out the Tanqueray bottle to make a "classier" looking shot, but I'm all about keeping it true and real. I prefer Seagrams for mixers and Tanqueray for martinis. 


I don't have a fancy bar set, but in my neck of the woods, jelly jars make great cocktail shakers, among other things. 

I think I picked out a pretty one too. 


In the jell cocktail shaker add 1 ounce of gin, half and ounce of Cointreau or Triple Sec. 




 To that add half an ounce of fresh squeezed lime juice and half an once of jamaica. 




Add a few ice cubes, swish it around, and serve. 




I just might have to have another one of these. 


And that's that