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Savory Spice Shop

Last weekend Squeaks and I found a great little spice shop, Savory Spice Shop well, we didn't really find it, Squeaks' friend Lynn told us about it.

We felt rather foolish considering it's been there for a year and we hadn't discoverd it yet. Our excuse, and I think it's a valid one, is that it's in the same shopping center as Sur la Table and once we are in the area we get tunnel vision and don't see anything else but Sur la Table. 



The big bag Squeaks is holding is hers and the little one, though packed to the max is mine. 

I'd say we found a few wonderful things in there. 




It's a very well stocked shop and there are testers for each spice and herb, tasting and testing is encouraged.




Can't wait to go back and get more spices. Oh, and they ship, just make up your list and give them a call. 

And that's that