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Pasta making class at Laguna Culinary Arts

Yep, Squeaks and I are at it again. This time we took a pasta making class, to hone our skills. 

This is the second class we took at Laguna Culinary Arts. Had this been the first class I've taken there, it would have been my last. That being said, I'm pretty sure I'll give them another chance but right now my disappointment is still very fresh. 




The class was taught by a guest chef Chef Rino Amato from Italy.

Very nice personable man that did his absolute best under the circumstances. 




Here Squeaks and Lynn are taming one of the two pasta doughs we made. 




Squeaks is rolling out the pasta dough, then she'll try to get her turn at the pasta roller attachment on the Kitchenaid mixer. That was a busy place in the kitchen. 




After the pasta was rolled out, Chef demonstrated how to hand cut the different pastas. 




Now on to the pasta sauce demonstration. He demonstrated three quick sauces. 




We got a quick ravioli and tortellini demonstration. 




The food was very tasty and class mates were a lot of fun. 

K. Now my complaints. I feel like the Chef was not given enough help. His Austrian born wife, who by the way is a charming lovely woman, did her best at translating. Remember, talking with your hands helps in communicating immensely ;-)

His assistant was not much help to him at all, we students ended up doing most of the assisting, and making sure our fellow students had what they needed, even the dishwasher helped, jeesh! We were looking for a hands on class like our last one, this one was more demonstration than participation, a big disappointment. 

Also, if you sign up for a class that offers a wine pairing for an additional fee, make sure you clarify with them their definition of wine pairing.  For me, a wine pairing means more than putting 3 bottles of the same $14 wine on the table for 12 people. 

At least I got to be with my friend Squeaks for the weekend, that made up for the class. More about our shenanigans and antics in another post. 

And that's that