Bucatini with Bread Crumbs and Roasted Tomatoes
New York Egg Cream


Last weekend I ran up to Laguna Niguel to visit with Squeaks for the weekend. She told me about a couple of craft fairs in the area and thought we should hit them up to hopefully find some Christmas gifts. 

Aaaand...that Bill was having some Maryland Blue Crabs flown in Sat. for our dinner that night. Oh, happy, happy, happy,  yummy, yummy, yummy. 

As usual I ate like a king while I was up there. 

We did our usual shopping and running around, dang, that makes one hungry. Knowing we were in for a crab-fest for dinner, but needing to stave off our hunger, we stopped by the Surf and Sand for a little snack and drinks. 

We ordered from the appetizer menu and it was the perfect amount to hold us over. 


 I had the fried calamari that was served with a creamy dipping sauce and red cherry pepper rings, 

Come see what else we had. 



Squeaks had the oysters on the half shell.

She's always nice enough to let me have one...if I look pitiful enough. 




Just look at the size of those babies, she really needed my help. 




I had a speecy-spicy Bloody Mary and Squeaks had the Mai Tai. 


It was wonderful to sit in the bar area that opened right onto the beach. 


A nice relaxing break to fuel up and get going again. 


At the Italian Festival we got free samples



I haven't tried them yet because Squeaks sent me home with some of her homegrown tomatoes that I used to make a killer sauce. I'll post that later, it was so stinkin' good. 


I was so taken by the street artists at the festival, 


they truly are artists. 


Then off to Bristol Farms to get, ta dah, 


Truffle Pâté, the food of the gods. 

This was our post-appetizer, pre-crab appetizer. I think I got that right; anyway, it's what we ate while having a glass of wine and getting the table ready for eating the crabs. 


Well, honestly, Bill did all the pre-crab-fest chores,  


making sure the patio table was covered with plenty of newspaper and that the crabs were mounded in the middle, just right.




Crabs, check, crab crackers, check, mallets, check, roll of paper towels, check, adult beverages, check. 

Bill is a great crab crackin', shell pullin', meat extractin' instructor. 


The aftermath. 


This is just my pile of eaten crab. I can guarantee you there was not one bit of edible crabmeat in those shells. 

Thanks guys for another wonderful weekend. Oh, and by the way...I'm moving in next week, just a heads up. ;-)


And that's that.