New York Egg Cream

Candle Carver

How cool is this! Now I'm able to make fruits and vegetables into tea light holders. 



Now I can have my candles and eat them too ;-)

I found this the last time I visited with Squeaks. I think I found it at Sur la Table. 

I have a couple of apples that are past their prime so I experimented on them. 



It's really pretty easy. My apples sat relatively straight so I didn't have to trim the bottoms at all. 

Just press the candle carver into the top of the fruit, or vegetable of your choice. 

It takes a twisting-pushing motion so you'll need to hold the food in one hand while you twist and turn the carver with the other. 




Just keep pushing <sorry if this causes some of you childbirth flashbacks, it sure did me> and turning the carver into the food. 

I didn't stop until the top of the carver was even with the apple.  




The chunk of food pulls out easily. 




Would you look at that, the tea lights fit perfectly. 




I can't wait to try it with other foods.

I would like to float them in the vase in the background <sans flowers of course> I think that would look so pretty. 

Wouldn't the Thanksgiving table look great with these on them. 

And that's that