September Weekend with Squeaks

Bucatini with Bread Crumbs and Roasted Tomatoes

I have recently discovered the beauty of bucatini pasta.

I was perusing the internet looking for more information on bucatini when I found a recipe that sounded wonderful, that is if you are a carb-aholic. 



Pasta with garlicy bread crumbs, how great is that. 

I put a little personal touch to it, come see what I did.




You'll need bucatini pasta, olive oil, garlic and crusty bread 

The bread I used was an artisan rosemary and olive oil

I had some oven roasted tomatoes that I thought would be wonderful addition, I was right. 




"They" say the water you cook your pasta in should be as salty as the sea; I add a lot of salt to the pot




While the pasta water comes to a boil, tear the bread into rough pieces and slice the garlic




Add the pasta to the salty boiling water




As soon as the pasta is in the pot add the olive oil to a skillet set over medium-high heat then add the garlic slices

Cook until the garlic is just starting to smell great.  




Drop in the torn bread pieces and toast them by turning and coating them with the garlic and olive oil




Lower the heat and, as soon as the bread pieces and garlic slices are getting golden and crisp, turn off the heat.

Watch it though, garlic can burn quickly. 



As soon as the bucatini is al dente, add it to the toasted bread crumbs and garlic. 

Turn up the heat a bit and toss the pasta with the bread crumbs. 




If it seems a little dry add a bit of pasta water to the pan. 

Adding just a bit of pasta water will not make the bread soggy. 




I added a few oven roasted tomatoes, 








and freshly ground black pepper. 




Oh, and don't forget a nice beverage to accompany it. 


My recipe is loosley, very loosley based on the one I saw here.

 And that's that