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September Weekend with Squeaks

After the "Great blackout of '11" I was able to toddle up to Laguna Niguel to visit with my friends Squeaks and Bill.

Squeaks and I had full agenda for the weekend, one thing being finding me a long black skirt for the Victorian tea at church. I figured a thrift store would be a great place to find what I needed so we hit up a few thrift shops, one being Portobello Road in Tustin. Dang, what a great place, I got an impeccable white wind breaker/rain jacket for only $3.00, yup, that’s right, 3 bucks and it benefits a woman’s abuse shelter.

In one shop we had a blast checking out the kitchenware area.


Along with some old kitchenware this shop also had a lot of old records, even some 78's. 

After a busy day we picked up a beautiful piece of Coho salmon from the Santa Monica Seafood Company to go along with the Cacio e Pepe we were planning on making. It’s so easy and so delicious it’s almost criminal.



I'll show you what we did. 

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Just a few odds and ends photos

During our 10 hour power outage we were fortunately hooked up to a generator and I was able to use my computer. I took it as an opportunity to filter through some old photos, so here's a few I thought I'd share with you. 

No particular reason, or order, just a few cute photos. This is part of the animal edition. ;-)




Scooter and Smoky on guard




Smoky likes peas, she eats the tender innards then spits out the tougher shell




Isn't that the cutest pig snout you've ever seen

Yes, I did get down and dirty to get this shot, but I just love that snout. 




I took this right after CA passed the no texting while driving law.

Nothing says you can't text and ride though. 


And that's that


Potato Salad ala Bagna Cauda

I wanted to take a potato salad to a potluck I attended at the park last week. I didn't want to take a mayonnaise dressed potato salad and have it sitting around on a hot day, so I got busy looking for non-mayo ideas for dressing a potato salad.



After rambling through a couple of cooking magazines I found the perfect one in the July-August issue of Food Network Magazine. The magazine has a little "fly out" booklet with 50 great potato salad ideas and I snagged one, the Bagna Cauda idea. 

Got anchovies? then come on...

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