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Oxtails in a Red Wine Sauce

I used my really cool clay tagine to cook the oxtails in.  




Using in a tagine on top of the stove is a great way to create a wonderful meal and not heat up the house. 

Have a few oxtails hanging around? Let's get cooking...



In a tagine, add the olive oil you'll need to brown the oxtails and heat up the tagine to medium-high.  

Add oxtails and brown. When the oxtails are browned, remove to a platter and set aside. 



Chop the celery, carrots, leeks and garlic. 

Add the chopped veggies to the tagine, add a little salt and sauté until golden brown, about 8 minutes. 

I cooked only 4 oxtails so I used one leek, two cloves of garlic, three carrots, and two stalks of celery including the leaves. 



Arrange the oxtails over the vegetables and add the wine and beef broth. 

I added about a cup of Syrah and  2 cups of beef broth. 




Sprinkle on some thyme, a bay leaf and a pinch more salt. 

I used a good three finger pinch of thyme, one bay leaf and about a half teaspoon of salt



Since I love preserved lemons,  I added a fourth of a preserved lemon cut into thin slices and sprinkled around the oxtails. 

Add chopped parsley.

I used 5 sprigs of parsley. 




Cover, turn heat down to a simmer and simmer until meat is tender, about an hour and a half. 




Remove the oxtails and cover with foil to keep warm. 

Strain cooking liquid and reserve. 

Skim fat from the cooking liquid and reserve. 

Since all the goodness has been cooked out of the vegetables they need to be disposed of.  

I had to snag the carrots out though; I kept picking at them they were so good, so I decided I needed them on my plate too. 




Heat the skimmed fat in a stainless steel skillet. Add flour (1 tablespoon) and the reserved cooking liquid to make the red wine sauce. 




Plate the oxtail with some mashed potatoes and carrots. 

Spoon the lovely, smooth, rich red wine sauce over the potatoes and oxtail. 


Here's the recipe I kinda followed:

I did a little adjusting since I was cooking only 4 oxtails. 

I left out the cloves and added some preserved lemon. 

I think this would also be great served over noodles, rice or polenta also. 


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Oxtails In Red Wine Sauce


3 tbsp vegetable oil

4 lb oxtails

4 stalks celery; chopped

2  carrots; chopped

2  leeks(white and light green only); chopped

1  onion; chopped

6 cloves garlic; chopped

1 750ml bottle dry red wine

12 sprigs fresh thyme

12 sprigs fresh parsley

8  whole cloves

4  bay leaves

5 cups low sodium chicken broth

2 tbsp all-purpose flour

Heat oil in heavy large Dutch oven over high heat. Season oxtails with salt and pepper. Add to Dutch oven and cook until brown  on all sides (about 12 minutes). Transfer oxtails to platter. Add celery, carrots, leeks, onion and garlic to pot and saute until golden brown (about 8 minutes). Arrange oxtails over vegetables. Add wine, thyme, parsley, cloves and bay leaves. Add stock. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover tightly and simmer until meat is very tender (about 11/2 hours).

Remove oxtails from cooking liquid. Tent with foil to keep warm. Strain cooking liquid.
Skim fat from surface and reserve. Transfer 2 tbsp skimmed fat to heavy medium saucepan over medium heat. Add flour and stir until mixture browns (about 10 minutes). Whisk in cooking liquid. Simmer until sauce thickens enough to coat back of spoon and is reducedto 2 cups, stirring frequently (about 45 minutes).

Season to taste withsalt and pepper.

Rewarm oxtails in sauce over low heat. Transfer to large bowl and serve.

Contributor: Alan Zelt on rfc

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Suggested Wine: Pauillac

Serving Ideas : Mashed potatoes, carrots
Notes:  Bryan Webb, Hillaire  London  10/95
Yield: 4 servings

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