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Work day at church

Last Saturday was a work day at church. A day to catch up on some neglected chores and spruce up the place a little.

 I volunteered to be one of the workers, I mean, how hard can it be? The only thing I didn't want to do was clean any ovens, I despise cleaning ovens. I would have if it was needed, and would have done it with a cheerful heart, not overflowing-ly cheerful, but cheerful.

Thankfully that was not on the list. I should have known none of the chores would have included any kitchen duties; because after potlucks, you can't get into the kitchen for all the clean up volunteers. 

This is what I saw as I arrived at church. Holy Moly a couple of pallets of brick. Dang, someones going to be sore tomorrow. 



Cleaning ovens was beginning to look better all the time. 


After a quick prayer and doughnuts and coffee. (seems like we can't have one without the other ;-) The list of what needed to be done was read and volunteers went off to their assigned chores.

Before I knew what I was doing, I raised my hand and I was off unloading bricks. What the!!!!

How come we don't have any dirty ovens. 



Luckily we had a nice little golf cart to load the bricks on. We had to load bricks in the front of the cart too to keep the front wheels on the ground. 




It was all up hill to where the bricks needed to go, we were so grateful to have the cart. 

We have some very talented brick layers in the congregation. 




I took a little break to take some photos and see what everyone else was up to. 

I walked back into the church and some were busy dusting and organizing cupboards. 




I stopped and helped organize the Sunday School and VBS cupboards. 

On my way back out, I watched a little as some of the hundreds of chairs were being put back in order in the sanctuary. I was struck by the precision and extreme care he took placing these chairs; and if I was a betting woman, I'd bet he said a little prayer for each person that would be sitting in that chair Sunday morning.  




Lunch was provided for us, a darned good lunch. We had pork burritos and refried beans and homemade salas, yummmooooo. 

One church member that physically couldn't join the work crew made us some homemade cinnamon rolls. Thank you, they were so wonderful. 

Not that I was slacking on my brick schlepping duties or anything, but I felt like I should get more photos, you know, like for the church history and all. 




The start and the finish of a retaining wall, great job. 




The weeding crew was busy cleaning out the weeds and dead undergrowth. I have a sneaky suspicion that the two men in the middle were talking about fishing. 

The guys that put up the retaining wall went right to work chalking out the boundaries for the basketball court. 




Look, I turned my back for a few minutes and all the bricks are up the hill and the patio is well on it's way. 




We gained more than a spruced up church. We had a great time with each other and were able to show our love and appreciation of each other.



And that's that.