Moist yellow cake, from a mix you say?
Balsamic Glazed Beets and Greens

Is it a side? a soup?

It started out to be a soup, but as things progressed, it turned into wonderful side dish. 



Just add more chicken or vegetable broth and you will have a delicious soup. 

Tonight, it will be served sans broth with roast beef. 



Saute some onion, carrots and celery until nicely browned. Add a minced garlic clove, saute for a few more minutes then remove from pot and reserve. 

In the same pot, add a little more oil if needed to brown the vermicelli. I used probably 3 ounces of vermicelli, approximately half of a 7oz bag. Stir constantly until the vermicelli is nicely browned. 




I had some Caldo de Tomate on the shelf so I used that as my flavor base, it's a tomato bouillon with chicken flavor. Use what ever broth base you prefer. Add the vegetables back to the browned vermicelli and your flavor base.  




I had a nice chayote squash so I added that to the pot and simmered until the squash was tender. 

Depending on which way you want to go with this, add the seasonings you prefer.

When I make a pot of something, I try and keep the basic dish in neutral territory; that way when I use up the leftovers I can change the taste to what ever I feel like at the time, be it Mexican, Indian or what ever. With the little I have leftover I'm planning on adding some curry and a bit of coconut milk. Don't know if it will work but I have to try it. 

And that's that.