Work day at church
Scooter's in trouble...again

Great co-worker & great food, what's not to like

At work most of us don't have a lot of time to visit with each other, so during the little snippets of time we do have with each other, we talk fast, share information fast, but can't get into the "juicy" details that we girls like to do. 

That's why being able to meet with a co-worker after work, to visit over some wonderful food and drink is a such a treat for me. 

We met at Cafe Mediterraneo in Alpine. for appetizers, wine and lots of visiting. 



We started by ordering a bottle of Laird Pinot Grigio. What does it taste like besides wonderful?

Here's what I snagged off the Artisan Wine Depot website. 

"Made without oak, it is has exotic aromas of lemon zest, pineapple and orange blossom lead to a juicy, complex palate of honeysuckle, tangerine, lime and kiwi fruit and wet stone minerality in the pleasingly long finish. Featuring the sleek and elegant new "Wak" twist-off closure from Italy."

I am definately getting some of this. 

Come see the goodies the wine accompanied. 


It was lovely outside so we sat on the patio. 

We had a meal of appetizers and asked that they all be served at the same time.



This is the cheese and fruit plate with olives, candied and smoked nuts.

I can't remember all the cheeses, except for the mozzarella, blue, port-salut, chevre, smoked brie and the purple veined one is some kind of raspberry. Heck, remembering 6 out of 9 isn't so bad. 




Grilled bread with warm honey is served with the fruit plate. 




We also had a caprese salad. The balsamic vinegar is poured over it at the table. 

See that little pool of balsamic vinegar on the plate, we dipped our strawberries in the vinegar, deeeevine. 




We also enjoyed some perfectly seasoned fried calamari. The three sauces are a sweet chili, tartar and a marinara. The tartar was wonderful. 




Just look at all that beautiful seasoning on them. 

The service was excellent. Not many restaurants place your napkin on your lap for you and make sure there is always some wine in your glass. 

Three wonderful hours later, I am the lucky one that got the doggie bag.

Why me you ask? Why did I get to bring home the doggie bag?  because my co-worker is a teeny little thing that in all the years I've know her, I've never seen her have more than an apple and a banana in her lunch bag. 

She swears she eats well on weekends, so I hope last night got her weekend off to a good start. 

Thanks Ms. M. 

And that's that