Easter Sunday Rainbow
Pastry Class at Laguna Culinary Arts

What happens in Vegas,

will eventually end up on the internet, at least if you go with me it will. 

A few weeks ago was the Baker to Vegas Law Enforcement relay run.  A few of my friends/co-workers and I decided to lend support to our co-workers that were running and volunteered to help the organizers of our team. 

  Which meant, WEEKEND IN VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT



When our porter saw two women and 12 bags he asked how many of us will there be. Umm just one more is flying in tomorrow and none of these are hers. 

We brought besides the obvious clothing etc... a cooler, champagne, pate, caviar, smoked salmon, prosciutto, honeydew melon, several flavors of cream cheese, bagels, orange juice, crackers, and scones. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. 




We stayed at New York, New York in great room on the 34th floor overlooking the strip.

After we were comfortably ensconced in our room we wandered around the casino/hotel and found an Irish Pub for a nice after the road trip drink. 



Shelly had to try a car-bomb; a glass of Guinness into which you drop a shot glass filled with Irish Whiskey and Baily's Irish Cream.  I was less adventurous and just had a Guinness. 



We wondered down the strip a little and did what people in Las Vegas normally do, act silly in front of the Cesar's Palace fountain. 

After adventuring around a little, we found ourselves at Jaleo Restaurant in the Cosmopolitan

OMG I could have eaten every meal there. 



We ordered a few dishes to share. Shelly ordered the Lobster Paella, Oohhh so good. Three nice pieces of lobster over a spicy, not too spicy, rice with little pieces of chorizo in it and an aioli sauce with a sprinkling of wild greens. 



I ordered the Veal Cheeks in a Morel Mushroom sauce over pureed potatoes. This is one of those memorable dishes; one you will not likely forget anytime soon, one by which you will judge all other veal dishes and they will fall short. 



I wanted this salad again, and again. Unfortunately we didn't make it back so I could eat myself silly on this. It's a salad of greens, of course, with mandarin orange slices, roasted beets, bleu cheese, and pistachios dressed with a sherry vinaigrette. 



These fat laden little cuties are pieces of chorizo wrapped with potato and deep fried. Spicy crispy crunchy delights. 



We walked off our dinner and further explored the strip.

To those who think they can make it big gambling in Vegas, thank you for keeping the lights on. ;-)



One of my favorite places is the botanical garden in the Bellagio. 



This "painting" is all flowers, how great is this. 

After a 6 hour drive, a wonderful meal and meanderings it was crash in the room time. 

This was just our first day, so fair warning, more Vegas ventures to follow.