Pastry Class at Laguna Culinary Arts
Moist yellow cake, from a mix you say?

More Vegas shots

I was totally thrilled to be in Vegas. It had been over 20 years since I'd been there. 

Friday morning I just had to toast the city with a mimosa. Yohoooooo so excited to be there. 



We were eatin' good in the hood. Come see some of what we had. 

We brought some goodies so we could have a breakfast snack in the room. We just wanted to get up, have coffee and a bit to eat as we were getting ready for the day. 



A mimosa with some honeydew melon wrapped in prosciutto, grapes, caviar and cream cheese and crackers. Just a small offering of what we brought.

Remember the 12 bags we checked in with that I mentioned in the last post? If I remember right, 4 of them were food and food related items. 





While we were out and about walking from casino to casino taking in all the sights, we stopped by Max Brenner's in Cesar's Palace. 


We had a little snack of hummus, baba ganoush and sauteed eggplant with some herbed pita chips. Really, really good and more than enough for two to share. 




With our snack we had a cup of chocolate coffee. The coffee was served in these delightful little "hug mugs" 




The hug mug nestles inbetween the palms of your hands. As you sip from the narrow end of the mug, the aroma of the chocolate-coffee delights your olfactory system, well, all your systems actually, what a treat!!!

We ran our legs off the rest of the day then went back to the room and rested until our friend Maria's plane landed that evening. 

Up until the airport, I hadn't put one penny in any slot machines. I lost four dollars waiting for Maria's plane to arrive. Good thing it was on time. 

 More to follow.