Easily peel hard boiled eggs, guaranteed
Easter Sunday Rainbow

Deviled Eggs

Since I now know how to make hard boiled eggs that are easy to peel, I see a lot of deviled eggs in my future. 

I'm going to have fun experimenting with different seasonings for the filling. 



Here's what I did this time...




For the filling I used some cornichons, onion, granulated garlic and some freshly ground black pepper and a flavored mayonnaise. 

I used the capers for garnish and sprinkled with some paprika. 



In a medium bowl smash the egg yolks. Sometimes I make them really smooth and creamy but this time I left them a little chunky. 

Finely dice some spring onion and some cornichons. Add to the smashed yolks.

The amounts depend on your taste and the amount of eggs you are using. For the three eggs I used half a spring onion, some green and some white and 3 cornichons.



This is my cool new find. It's a mayonnaise that has Creole mustard, lemon juice, garlic and cayenne pepper. Dang, it is wonderful and very thick. If you want creamier egg yolks you might want to thin it a little with some cream.



To the egg yolk mixture add the mayonnaise, freshly ground black pepper and a little granulated garlic.


If you want, make a little piping bag from a plastic sandwich bag by


snipping off a little corner of the sandwich bag and placing an icing tip into the corner. 

Place the bag into a coffee mug. Fold the bag out over the top of the mug to hold it open while you fill the bag with the yolk mixture. 

Be sure that what ever you dice up to put into the yolk mixture, in my case the cornichons, is in a size smaller than the diameter of the icing tip. Failure to do this will cause the tip to plug up; pressure will then build up and the tip will quickly and violently dislodge from the bag taking all that's behind it with it. I'm sure I read about this somewhere so I thought I'd pass that along. ;-)

I think I'll make some more this weekend. I'm thinking maybe a curry flavor and adding just a smidge of coconut milk to the yolks. Hmmm interesting. 

And that's that