Estofado de Catalan
Eggs Poached in a Spicy Tomato Sauce

Happy Dance, Happy Dance

I'm doing the happy dance. I finally broke down and bought my dream camera bag. The one I've been lusting after for months. 

I'm not going to tell you how much money I've already spent, (more than this bag costs) on purses that I've tried to convert into camera bags; trust me, it just doesn't work. 



It looks like a cute purse but...


it's a totally great camera bag. 

It's a much darker color than it photographs. It's a dark,very dark eggplant. 

The front envelope pockets are large enough for a wallet, cell phone, keys etc..and there is a zipper compartment in the back. 

I'm very impressed with the high quality, attention to detail and workmanship of the bag. 

I got it on line from Kelly Moore Bags. I have no association with them what so ever. The only thing they know about me is that my check was good. ;-)

K I'm done bragging now